Demons of Asteborg | SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis

Demons of Asteborg for SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis

demons of asteborg collectors edition physical retail release neofid studios sega mega drive genesis cover www.limitedgamenews.comDemons of Asteborg – A new action platform game straight out of the 16-bit era.

Play as Gareth, a knight of the royal guard, and defeat the evil forces of Asteborg.
Learn powerful spells and use them to clear your path or defeat your enemies.
Collect gold from the remains of your opponents and purchase upgrades to unlock your full potential!
Prepare to face powerful bosses that will keep you on your toes.
Woods, mountains, swamps and more, explore the world of Asteborg and discover Gareth’s mysterious past…
But beware, Zadimus is never far away.

The limited Collector’s Edition comes with:

  • the game in a special, non-emulatable version including a new game mode, and an additional hidden level, provided in its special box with the game manual
  • 1x European cartridge sticker
  • 1x map of the Asteborg Kingdom
  • 5x postcards representing important events in the story
  • 1x logo sticker
  • 1x Neofid Studios logo sticker
  • 1x Sheet of stickers
  • 1x 4GB Usb Key containing information about the game
  • 1x Reversible A3 Poster
  • 1x magnet
  • 1x set of trading cards, including a holographic card

demons of asteborg standard edition physical retail release neofid studios sega mega drive genesis cover www.limitedgamenews.comThere are also cartridge only & complete in box Standard Editions.

Collector’s Edition: 300 / 129.99 €
Standard Edition (CIB): not limited / 69.00 €
Standard Edition (cart only): not limited / 49.00 €

Release date
Standard Edition: was released end of 2021
Collector’s Edition: June 2022 (pre-order)

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