lrg3 2020 complete overview

LRG3 2020 Announcements

LRG3 2020 Announcements

lrg3 2020 complete overview limitedgamenews.comWe hope you have seen the LRG3 2020 Announcements during their press conference. If not and you want to watch it in its entirety, it’s HERE and awesome.

Whether you have watched it or not, it’s easy to lose track of which games LRG plans for which systems. But don’t worry – LimitedGameNews is here to help.
Below you’ll find an overview of all games with all release details revealed during LRG’s press conference. As an added bonus, we’ve added links to the LRG3 YouTube video with the exact timestamp for each title, in case you want to take a look at specific titles only.

Below lists contain updated release details shared in parallel via Limited Run Games official Twitter account (e.g. Space Channel 5 release date is now July 31st, not November as shown in the LRG3 video).

TitlePlatformDateTimestamp in LRG3 video
ShantaeGame Boy Color2020/09Click
Shantae: Risky's RevengeSwitch2020/09Click
A Boy and his BlobPS42020/09Click
The Mummy:
Switch, PS42020/07/31Click
Xtreme SportsSwitch2020/10Click
River City Girls 2 (Teaser)(probably Switch, PS4)TBDClick
Anniversary Collection
Switch, PS42020/Q3Click
Curse of the Moon 2Switch, PS4TBDClick
Mighty Gunvolt BurstSwitch, PS42020/08/28Click
Mark of the Wolves
Ys OriginSwitch2020/07/08Click
My Friend PedroPS4TBDClick
GRIS (Re-Release)SwitchTBDClick
Where the Water
tastes like Wine
The Friends of
Ringo Ishikawa
Mega Dimension
Netpunia VII
Grandia 1 + 2 HDSwitch2020/08/07Click
Katana ZeroSwitch2020/11Click
To the MoonSwitch2020/Q4Click
Return of
Obra Dinn
Papers, pleaseVita2020/07/24Click
Towerfall AscensionSwitch2020/Q3Click
Super Meat
Boy Forever
Switch, PS4TBDClick
Samurai Jack:
Battle through Time
Switch, PS4TBDClick
Trover saves the UniverseSwitch2020/Q4Click
Space Channel 5 VRPSVR2020/07/31Click
PixelJunk Eden 2SwitchTBDClick
Bug Fables:
The everlasting Sapling
Switch, PS4TBDClick
Demon TurfSwitch, PS4TBDClick
Star Wars
Episode 1: Racer
Switch, PS42020/07/10Click
Monkey Island:
30th Anniversary Collection