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gamescom 2019 Day 1 Report

gamescom 2019 Day 1 prelude

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Same as last year I’m beginning my gamescom 2019 report by thanking YOU – my dear followers and readers. Without you, LGN would have never made it to gamescom with a press ticket (again). Words truly cannot express how thankful I am.
But on with the report!

My schedule was packed, so I didn’t have much time to look around. As soon as I reached the convention, I had to rush to be on time for my first meeting.

The 1st meeting – Fabraz & UmaikiGames

lgn con report gamescom 2019 meeting fabraz umaikigames limitedgamenews.com
Meeting Fabian (on the right) from Fabraz & Chris (on the left) from UmaikiGames

As some of you will know – Fabraz is a company from New York. Imagine the look on my face when Fabian, founder of Fabraz, started talking to me in German. So far we have always communicated in English, for over a year now via Twitter. Guess we will change that now. 🙂
We met at the “Nintendo Indie World” where Fabrian showcased Skellboy together with one of the developers of UmaikiGames, Chris.
After Chris explained the premise of Skellboy, which is honestly quite interesting, it’s a charming and classic story about an unsuspected hero, we talked about their opinion on physical game releases.

lgn con report meeting fabraz umaikigames 002 limitedgamenews.com
Nintendo Switch Skellboy demo unit

Both were on the same page and they think that every developer is dreaming to hold his creation in hand as a physical release. Needless to say, this was exactly what I wanted to hear.
Fabian told me that Fabraz is also working on something new, but he couldn’t share any details just yet. During our conversation, it was clear that Fabian likes retro-inspired games, which seem “old, but modernized” (think Slime-san), so I’m excited to see what we’ll be getting and I’m of course hoping for a physical release.

Fabraz website: http://www.fabraz.com/
Fabraz Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/Fabrazz
UmaikiGames website: http://www.umaikigames.com/
UmaikiGames Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/umaikigames

Skellboy Trailer

YouTube player

Next stop: Indie Arena Booth / Cyber Shadow

lgn con report gamescom 2019 indie arena booth the indie bible limitedgamenews.com
The India Arena Booth booklet (aka the Indie Bible)

I had some time to kill before my next meeting, so I immediately went to the Indie Arena Booth and grabbed myself a copy of what I call the “Indie Bible”. The booklet you see on the right is one of my highlights every year visiting their booth. All games which are shown at their booth are covered and shown in this book. An absolute have must for indie game lovers and I’m so happy that they produce a new one every year.

There was one game in particular which I couldn’t pass by without playing: Cyber Shadow by Yacht Club Games. It looks and plays a lot like the classic Ninja Gaiden games, but the boss in the short gamescom 2019 demo seemed to be inspired by the Contra series. These kind of games are straight up my alley. As far as I know, there isn’t a physical (retail) release announced yet, but with Yacht Club Games as the publisher, I’d say it is very likely (they published Shovel Knight).

lgn con report cyber shadow yacht club games 001 limitedgamenews.comlgn con report cyber shadow yacht club games 002 limitedgamenews.com lgn con report cyber shadow yacht club games 003 limitedgamenews.comCyber Shadow website: https://yachtclubgames.com/cyber-shadow/

Indie Arena Booth Gamescom 2019 trailer

YouTube player

Novobox / Legend of Zelda Metal Cases

lgn con report gamescom 2019 meeting novobox 002 limitedgamenews.com
Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening FuturePak Metal Case by Novobox

Novobox is a company offering different styles of packaging solutions for all kinds of media from video games to cd albums to BluRay, etc. They had announced via Twitter that they would have very nice Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Metal Cases on display.
They had 2 different versions:
The first one was a full-fledged metal case which was really stunning. I was told that only very few were made and for display purposes only. You can see a pic on the right, but trust me, they look even better in person. The inside was made to hold a Switch cartridge and a commemorative coin (they had a Mortal Kombat 11 coin in there for demonstration purposes).
The second version was a metal slipcover, which was awesome too. I got to purchase 2 from them, one of which you can see below.

lgn con report meeting novobox 003 limitedgamenews.com lgn con report meeting novobox 004 limitedgamenews.com

Novobox website: http://www.novoboxworld.com/
Novobox Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/Novobox

Numskull Games

lgn con report meeting numskull games limitedgamenews.com
Ryan from Numskull

Numskull Games have just published their first retail games for Nintendo Switch: Cytus α & Horizon Chase Turbo. The PS4 release of Horizon Chase Turbo will follow in September.

We can expect limited releases from Numskull Games sometime later, but there was nothing to announce just yet.

As for retail releases, we can probably expect more Spike Chunsoft titles in the future based on their collaboration.

Numskull Games website: http://numskullgames.com/
Ryan’s Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/Toadsanime

Strictly Limited Games at gamescom 2019

lgn con report meeting strictly limited games 001 limitedgamenews.com
Ben (on the right) and Dave (middle) from Strictly Limited Games

I got to sit and talk to Benedict, Co-Founder of Strictly Limited Games, and Dave Strictly’s Social Media Manager. As per the regular release schedule (1 new game for pre-order on the last weekend of the month), we can expect a new announcement during gamescom.

We can probably expect an official announcement tomorrow (August 21st). Some of you may know that I’m part of a German YouTube duo called “NES Commando” and we will probably stream the game before it comes out. I can’t tell you what it is just yet, but what I can tell you is that we (NES Commando) have been waiting for a physical release since we learned about the game’s existence and we know that a lot of people have been waiting for it.

Strictly Limited Games website: https://www.strictlylimitedgames.com/
Strictly Limited Games Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/RealStrictlyLTD

FDG Entertainment

lgn con report meeting fdg entertainment 001 limitedgamenews.com
Philipp Döschl from FDG Entertainment

Really enjoyed meeting Philipp Döschl, Co-Founder & Executive Producer at FDG Entertainment, despite the fact that he didn’t have anything new to reveal just yet. However, he explained that they are currently working on a top-secret project right now, which will hopefully be announced publicly soon. As of today, he wasn’t even able to reveal the genre. Let’s hope it will be something as big and exciting as Monster Boy, so we’ll get a physical release later.
Speaking of Monster Boy: After I told Phillip about my love for the game (I only have 7 platinum trophies and 1 of them is MB!), he gifted me his last set of Monster Boy pins! That’s a great addition to my Wonder Boy collection and I’m VERY thankful!lgn con report gamescom 2019 meeting fdg entertainment 002 limitedgamenews.comFDG Entertainment website: https://www.fdg-entertainment.com/
FDG Entertainment Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/fdg_games

VG Science

Dlgn con report meeting vg science limitedgamenews.comid you know that there are 311 games released retail in the USK region? (USK = German version of PEGI or ESRB)
Well, you would know if you followed my friend Daniel’s project, which is called Videospielwissenschaft (German for Video Game Science) and it comprises a website (in German) and a Twitter profile (English).
Even if you don’t understand German, you’ll have no problem reading his complete and always up to date list of USK region published games.
Links below!

Website: videospielwissenschaft.de
Twitter profile: https://twitter.com/VGScience
USK region Switch games:

Arcade Crew / Young Souls

lgn con report arcade crew booth 001 limitedgamenews.comMy final appointment of the day was at the Arcade Crew’s booth. Their 80s inspired booth design made a return, which made me feel right at home. I had the opportunity to play a short demo of a game called Young Souls. If I had to name the genre, I’d call it 2D side-scrolling beat ’em up Action RPG Dungeon Crawler. It is a truly unique combination of different genres, which I really enjoyed. The demo showed the first 10 minutes of the game. Afterwards, the Arcade Crew devs took over to explain some of the game’s core mechanics. I must say that I really liked the game for all of the little details, from countless wearables for the characters (shoes, jackets, …) to lots of armor & weapons to the visuals of the game (e.g. depth of field) to game design.

Young Souls website: https://www.youngsouls-game.com/
Arcade Crew Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheArcadeCrew

End of Day 1 and outlook day 2

lgn con report devolver digital carrion booth limitedgamenews.comI have less than 6 hours until I have to get up for the second day, so I’ll make it short!
This first day was amazing, everything about gamescom 2019 felt like it is bigger than ever. It’s nothing I can put a finger on, I just felt it.
Exciting things are scheduled for tomorrow, for example, I’ll get to meet the Devolver Digital team for a presentation of their game Carrion, plus I’ll be meeting the Arcade Crew / DotEmu again for Streets of Rage 4 & Windjammers.
And so much more!

See you tomorrow. 🙂