Draculas Legacy for PlayStation 4

Draculas Legacy for PlayStation 4

draculas legacy retail ps4 cover limitedgamenews.comSolve perplexing puzzles and explore colorful locations in Draculas Legacy.
Haunted by frightening dreams about her forgotten past, Isabella – along with her fiancé – travels to an old ghost town, the only clue to her origins that she has been able to dredge from the depths of her lost memories.
At the start of the dangerous journey, a terrifying creature attacks the pair and Isabella barely manages to escape with her life by fleeing into the dungeons buried deep beneath the town… where deadly vampires lurk. Now it is up to you: help Isabella as she tries to find her way out, reach the mysterious city of lost souls, and rescue her fiancé!

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Release date
Q1 2019

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