Monster Dynamite for Nintendo Switch & PS4

Monster Dynamite for Nintendo Switch & PlayStation 4

monster dynamite retail ps4 cover limitedgamenews.comCheeky monsters everywhere in Monster Dynamite! Place your explosives strategically on stacks of crates, scaffolding and logs where the little critters are sitting. Light the fuse and bring them all down!
What looks simple at first gets more and more demanding: The cheeky little guys won’t keep still – and they just keep coming! With the explosions you’ll have to take into account chain reactions, movement behaviour, tilt directions and much more. Got enough bombs? Rake in trophies and defeat the monsters!

German exclusive retail?

monster dynamite retail nintendo switch cover limitedgamenews.comRelease date
Q1 2019

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PS4 – Amazon DE – 22.99 €
Switch – Amazon DE – 27.99 €

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