Helldivers Super Earth Ultimate Edition for PS4 and PS Vita

Helldivers Super Earth Ultimate Edition PlayStation 4 & PlayStation Vita

helldivers super earth ultimate edition chinese english subtitles play-asia.com ps4 ps vita coverJoin the elite Helldivers, mankind’s last line of defence in a war against a ruthless alien race, in this top-down squad-based shooter. So ready your arms, prepare for planet fall and bring democracy to the universe once and for all.
Helldivers Super Earth Ultimate Edition includes PS4, and PS Vita Editions, all expansions plus 11 DLC packs, and bonus weapons pack.

PS4 EU version: $29.99 + shipping
PS4 Asia version (with Engl. subtitles): $34.99 $19.99 (limited time offer) + shipping
Use coupon CENSORED for $3 off!

Release date
August 2015

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Play-Asia PS4 EU
Play-Asia PS4 Asia (with Engl. subtitles)
PS4 US and PS Vita Asia (with Engl. subtitles) versions sold out at Play-Asia. 🙁


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