Let it die Uncle Prime Edition for PS4

Let it die Uncle Prime Edition for PlayStation 4

let it die uncle prime edition grasshopper manufactur play-asia.com ps4 coverOriginally announced at E3 2014, Let it die Unclue Prime Edition was released in early 2017 in Japan. The interesting part? It’s listed on Play-Asia.com as Japanese only version, with no information on other language audio and/or subtitles.
However, Raketenjansel found out that you can choose between English or Japanese audio AND it even has English + German subtitles.
Finally, there are EU and US versions listed as well at Play-Asia.com, however, they don’t have a release date yet. Since it’s out in Japan almost 1 year, there is a chance that the EU and US versions won’t hit the shelf at all.

It is the evolved survival action game, as a result of adding more actions and artistic style onto “Lily Bergamo”, the PS4 exclusive action game, developed by GungHo Online Entertainment and Grasshopper Manufacture, working closely together.

Our good friend Raketenjansel made us aware of this unique game. He is a content creator on YouTube and regularly uploads well-composed videos with his unique style of comedy as well as his thoughts on things going on in the video game industry.
Hence, check him out if you like (German): Raketenjansel.

$62.99 + shipping
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Release date
March 9th, 2017

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