Cuphead Collector’s Edition | PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Cuphead Collector’s Edition
PlayStation 4 
& Xbox One & Nintendo Switch

cuphead-collectors-edition-physical-retail-release-iam8bit-esrb-us-playstation-4-xbox-one-nintendo-switch-cover-www.limitedgamenews.comCuphead and his pal Mugman like to roll the dice.
5 years ago, that particular pastime got them in a whole heap of trouble, and
Cuphead became an instant indie darling. Heck, let’s call it what it really was, and remains to this day — a global, worldwide, international phenomenon unlike anything before!!

Inside the Cuphead Collector’s Edition, you’ll find a whole heap of wonderful, including the complete Cuphead experience on disc/cart, which means you’ll be getting the original, sensational Cuphead, plus its flabbergastingly good DLC, The Delicious Last Course, packaged together with amazing interior artwork and an O-Sleeve that is oh so charming.

Features of the Collector’s Edition:

  • iam8bit Exclusive Collector’s Edition
  • IT’S COMPLETE!! This is the original Cuphead game plus The Delicious Last Course DLC on a single disc/cart.
  • WOW WOW WOW!! An ~8″ Tall Handcrafted Cuphead Marionette – Fully Puppetable, Crafted by the Legendary Artisans at Rici Marionettes in Prague
  • Tunes… for Toons!? A Marvelous, Mechanical, Hand-Crank Music Box
  • Like to Laugh? Enjoy Six (6) Original “Cuphead Funnies”
  • It’s Official!! The Cuphead Club Membership Card – Individually Numbered!
  • For Map Lovers!! A Foldout Inkwell Isles Poster
  • Dress Up Your Game Case – with a Classy O-Sleeve
  • What’s That!? Sensational Interior Artwork!? Don’t mind if I Do!
  • AND OH MY!! A Premium, Transforming Outer Box featuring the Infamous Asbestos Safety Curtain, Perfect for Displaying your Cuphead Marionette


Q1 2023

Want the game? (mind the pre-order date)


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