Milli & Greg | PlayStation 4

Milli & Greg for PlayStation 4

milli-&-greg-physical-retail-release-eu-pegi-red-art-games-playstation-4-cover-www.limitedgamenews.comMilli & Greg is a challenging platformer about a love story between a girl, Milli, and her cat named Greg.
Greg has gone missing and it’s up to Milli to find him throughout the levels.
The game contains more than 100 hand-made stages filled with obstacles that Milli will have to overcome.

It is an Arcade platformer based on classic gameplay mechanics such as jumping, sliding and dashing.
However, the addition of a physics-based feature that alters the gravity pull during levels make for a more challenging experience than expected.

Availability / Price
999 / 19.99 €

Pre-order date
August 11th, 2022 5 pm CEST

Release date
August 11th, 2022

Want the game?(mind the pre-order date)
Buy it from Red Art Games
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