Ravva and the Cyclops Curse | PlayStation 4

Ravva and the Cyclops Curse for PlayStation 4

ravva-and-the-cyclops-curse-physical-retail-release-pegi-eu-red-art-games-playstation-4-cover-www.limitedgamenews.comRavva and the Cyclops Curse is a short 8-bit platform adventure inspired by classic NES games, both in art style and gameplay.

You’ll meet Ravva, a young summoner apprentice who is now in a desperate situation.
The child’s mother is a powerful summoner, but then a terrible foe emerged: the Cyclops Lord.
After an intense fight, he stole the summoner’s powers and cast a terrible curse upon her! Now little Ravva must gather all courage available to face a dangerous journey to face the Cyclops and end the curse.

Availability / Price
999 / 19.99 € / $29.99 CAD

Pre-order date
July 28th, 2022 5 pm CEST

Release date
August 3rd, 2022

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