Crimson Spires | PlayStation 5

Crimson Spires for PlayStation 5

crimson spires physical retail release vgnysoft playstation 5 cover www.limitedgamenews.comCrimson Spires – The small mining town of Bataille, Missouri has been cordoned off from the outside world for six months.
The inhabitants have no idea why.
All they know is that ever since the so-called “Contingency,” planes no longer fly overhead, strange creatures have been glimpsed beyond the perimeter, and large mechanical towers will gun down anyone who tries to escape.
As you–Sheriff Erika Wright–search for the truth, you must listen to the advice of a serial killer, mingle with extreme conspiracy theorists, and negotiate with vampires.

Your struggle to protect the people of Bataille will uncover startling secrets and forge unlikely alliances. Eventually, you must choose a partner in your quest to unveil the mysteries around you.

Gamer’s/Collectors’ Info
This release will be produced by EastAsiaSoft.


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March 14th, 2022

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