Infernax [PEGI] | PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch

Infernax for PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch

infernax physical retail release merge games playstation 4 nintendo switch cover www.limitedgamenews.comUsing a revolutionary, or at least it was back in 1988, leveling system, Infernax is an old school adventure platformer game with puzzle elements.

It’s a whole new innovative style and since nobody has ever done anything of the like, we’ll name it ourselves, ARPG, which stands for Awesomely Radical Playing… Game, patent pending.

All kidding aside, we tried to capture the essence of the games that left a mark on our childhoods, the ones who lit up the spark that made us want to make games of our own.

This is a recreation of that experience we had growing up playing obscure NES games, the kind of game that left you with a feeling of accomplishment once you beat it, several months after the initial purchase.

Collectors’/Gamers’ Note
If you’re looking for the ESRB/Limited Run Game release, please look >here<.


Availability / Price
PS4: 29.99 €
Switch: 34.99 €

opened: November 30th, 2021

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