Samurai Shodown V Special | PS4

Samurai Shodown V Special for PlayStation 4

samurai shodown v special physical release limited run games standard edition ps4 cover limitedgamenews.comSamurai Shodown V Special, the last official NEO GEO game, is finally available in its original uncensored form on PS4 on physical media!
Heralded as one of the most balanced fighting games ever created by SNK, it features a multitude of systems and mechanics to create a truly unique experience. Players have a wide variety of skills at their disposal, such as the ability to deflect attacks, catch an opponents weapon and disarm them, and the ability to temporarily slow down time to mount a comeback! The most iconic additions this entry adds to the series are the character-specific Overkill moves, which can be used to finish off an opponent in a variety of gruesome ways!

There’s a Collector’s Edition which comes with:

  • the game (region free)
  • functional classic NeoGeo shockbox that will hold your game case
  • commemorative non-functional mini NeoGeo cartridge
  • 3 art cards
  • reversible 18″ x 24″ poster

Availability / Price
Standard: 3.500 / $29.99
Collector’s: 1.500 / $59.99

Pre-order date
Batch 1: March 13th, 2020 10AM US Eastern // 16:00 CET
Batch 2: March 13th, 2020 6pm US Eastern // 24:00 CET

Want the game? (see pre-order date)
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