Rival Megagun for PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch

Rival Megagun for Nintendo Switch & PlayStation 4

rival megagun physical release first press games ps4 nintendo switch cover limitedgamenews.comRival Megagun is a split-screen Versus-Shoot ‘Em Up in which you can transform into a gigantic boss to invade your opponent’s screen.
Developed by the talented team of Spacewave Software, the game had a very successful digital launch in 2018 and received an overwhelmingly positive reception from both the press and gaming community.
Versus-Shoot em’ Ups are a rare genre to begin with – but on top of that, the mechanics and game-play of Rival Megagun are one of the best among this genre. And while Arcade fans will absolutely love this game, it’s definitely not only for the die-hard fans – More casual players will enjoy the fun and competitive couch-multiplayer with their friends just as much as any genre-veteran would.

rival megagun physical release first press games regular edition ps4 cover limitedgamenews.comThe Regular Edition comes with:

  • DLC-free blu-ray/cartridge of the game
  • 60+ pages in-depth manual in full color
  • case sheet with interior art
  • sleeve packaging with specially varnished surface
  • a collector coin, with unique production number of each game

rival megagun physical release first press games collectors edition ps4 nintendo switch cover limitedgamenews.comThe Collector’s Edition comes with additional extras:

  • tournament boardgame with full set of ingame-trading card replicas
  • hardcover-artbook
  • soundtrack on CD (Made in Japan)
  • clear files with print extras: A2 poster, alternate cover sheets & more

rival megagun physical release first press games premium edition soundtrack cover limitedgamenews.comThe Premium Soundtrack is available separately and comes with:

  • original game soundtrack
  • 12,4mm premium jewel case
  • spine card (OBI-style)
  • 12 pages booklet

Availability / Price
Regular Edition Switch: 3.000 / 37.99 €
Regular Edition PS4: 2.000 / 32.99 €
Collector’s Edition Switch: 1.500 / 89.99 €
Collector’s Edition PS4: 500 / 87.99 €
Premium Soundtrack: 350 will be sold separately / 19.99 €

Pre-order date
Friday, February 7th, 7 PM CET

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