Super Gunworld 2 for PS4 and LRG Blowout sale!!!

Super Gunworld 2 for PlayStation 4

Super Gunworld 2 Limited Run Games PS4 CoverSuper Gunworld 2 is an interesting game that is part platformer, part RPG and will be released by Limited Run Games for PlayStation 4.

Only 2.000 copies will be available, which makes this the most limited LRG release of the official Limited Run series after Saturday Morning RPG (1.980 of SM RPG were released).

$29.99 + shipping

Release date
Nov. 24th 2017

Shopping URL
Get the game @LRG


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LRG Blowout Sale!!!

On a sidenote, they will offer random older games on Nov. 24th, too.
Be aware that the amount of games will be very limited, so the chance of getting one is very slim…
As of today we know of following games / amounts available:

      1. Furi: Definitive Edition (PS4) 30 copies
      1. Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition (PS4 + PC) 50 copies
      1. Jotun Valhalla Edition (PS4) 30 copies
      1. Oceanhorn (PS4 + Vita) 30 copies
      1. Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours (Vita) 15 copies
      1. Plague Road (PS4 + Vita) 30 copies
      1. Stealth Inc. (PS4 + Vita) 30 copies
      1. Flame in the Flood (PS4) 30 copies
      1. Risk of Rain (PS4 + Vita) 10 copies
      1. Mutant Mudds (PS4 + Vita) 10 copies
      1. The Silver Case (PC) 30 copies

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