Strictly Limited Games Release Overview

Below you’ll find an overview of all games released and announced by Strictly Limited Games so far.

##-2SystemNameCoverUnitsSold on
Sum: 30199
001P-SL-1PS4Tokyo 42Tokyo 42 Strictly Limited Games PS4 Cover26002017-11-11
002P-SL-2PS4Gryphon Knight EpicGryphon Knight Epic Strictly Limited Games PS4 Cover9992017-12-17
003P-SL-3PS499Vidas99Vidas Strictly Limited Games PS4 Cover14002018-01-28
003P-SL-3PS499VidasCollector's Edition99Vidas Collectors Edition Strictly Limited Games PS4 Cover3002018-01-28
003V-SL-1Vita99Vidas99Vidas Strictly Limited Games PSVita Cover10002018-01-28
003V-SL-1Vita99VidasCollector's Edition99Vidas Collectors Edition Strictly Limited Games PSVita Cover3002018-01-28
004P-SL-4PS4Guns, Gore & CannoliGuns Gore Cannoli Strictly Limited Games PS4 Cover15002018-02-25
005P-SL-5PS4Bunny must dieBunny must die Strictly Limited Games PS4 Cover16002018-03-31
005V-SL-2VitaBunny must dieBunny must die Strictly Limited Games PSVita Cover16002018-03-31
006P-SL-6PS4Immortal RedneckImmortal Redneck Strictly Limited Games PS4 Cover16002018-04-29
007P-SL-7PS4Knights of Pen & PaperDeluxier EditionKnight of Pen and Paper Deluxier Edition Strictly Limited-Games PS4 Cover16002018-05-27
008P-SL-8PS4SteredennSteredenn Binary Stars Strictly Limited Games PS4 Cover19002018-07-29
009P-SL-9PS4Stardust Galaxy Warriorsstardust galaxy warriors strictly limited games ps4 cover variant a20002018-08-26
010P-SL-10PS4Pankapupankapu too kind studio strictly limited games ps4 cover18002018-09-30
011P-SL-11PS4Gundemoniumsgundemoniums ps4 ps vita cover limitedgamenews.com18002018-10-28
011V-SL-3VitaGundemoniumsgundemoniums ps vita cover limitedgamenews.com18002018-10-28
012P-SL-12PS4Fox N Forests17002018-11-25
012P-SL-12PS4Fox N Forests Collector's Edition7002018-11-18
012SwitchFox N Forests30002018-11-25
012SwitchFox N Forests Collector's Edition10002018-11-18
TBAV-SL-TBAVitaSayonara Umihara
TBAV-SL-TBAVita"Project HardCore"TBATBA
TBAP-SL-TBAPS4Xeno Crisisxeno crisis ps4 coverTBA
TBAS-SL-TBASwitchXeno Crisisxeno crisis nintendo switch coverTBA