Infinite: Beyond the Mind | PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch

Infinite: Beyond the Mind
PlayStation 4
Nintendo Switch

Raised on battlefields in a world devastated by war, two women who share a bond over their special powers fall under the watchful eye of the tyrannical Beljantaur Kingdom.

When one is abducted by Queen Evangelyn and her heavily armed forces, the other must spring into action and rescue her friend from captivity by any means necessary.

Battle as Tanya or Olga through 16 side-scrolling stages in Infinite: Beyond the Mind rife with enemy troops, platforming challenges, and intense boss fights, overcoming waves of enemy soldiers and overcoming environmental challenges while you clear your way across the Beljantaur Kingdom.

The Olga and Tanya Editions represent different cover variants, the contents in both games are the same.

PS4 Olga Cover: 500 / 29.99 €
PS4 Tanya Cover: 500 / 29.99 €
Switch Olga Cover: 1.500 / 29.99 €
Switch Tanya Cover: 1.500 / 29.99 €

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Batch 1: Sunday, January 15th 2023 at 12 AM (midnight) CET
Batch 2:
Sunday, January 15th 2022 at 6 PM CET

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