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LRG E3 2019 Announcements

LRG E3 2019 Announcements

We hope you have seen the LRG E3 2019 Announcements during their press conference at E3, aka LRG3. If not, watch it HERE, it’s awesome.

Whether you have watched it or not, it’s easy to lose track of which games LRG plans for which systems. But don’t worry – LimitedGameNews is here to support.
Below you’ll find an overview of all 41 announced current gen console games with all details revealed during LRG’s press conference and on Twitter.

Click on the image for each game if you want to check out a trailer (if available).

Night in the WoodsPS4, SwitchQ4 2019
DeadboltVitaQ3 2019
Guacamelee!VitaJune 14th, 2019
Super Mutant Alien AssaultVitaJuly 5th, 2019
Pix the CatVitaJune 21st, 2019
Revenant DogmaVita2019
Mutant Blobs Attack!!!VitaJune 14th, 2019
Rocketbirds: Hardboiled ChickenVita2019
Rocketbirds 2:
Atari Flashback ClassicsVitaJuly 2019
No trailer 🙁
Super Meat BoyVita2019
Damascus Gear
Operation Osaka
Damascus Gear
Operation Tokyo
Metal Slug 3VitaJuly 12th, 2019
Papers, pleaseVita2020
Power Rangers:
Battle for the Grid
Ranger Edition
PS4, SwitchJune 10th, 2019
HoverPS4July 26th, 2019
TransistorPS4, SwitchJuly 5th, 2019
Rogue LegacyPS4, SwitchJuly 19th, 2019
Bad NorthSwitchQ3 2019
Dark DevotionPS4, SwitchQ4 2019
Blazing ChromePS4, SwitchQ4 2019
Freedom PlanetPS4, SwitchJune 21,st 2019
TurokSwitchQ3 2019
Turok 2:
Seeds of Evil
SwitchQ3 2019
Blaster Master ZeroSwitchQ4 2019
Red FactionPS4July 12th, 2019
No trailer 🙁
atooi Collection3DSTBA
No trailer 🙁
Corpse KillerPS4July 30th, 2019
Double SwitchSwitchJuly 19th, 2019
August 2nd, 2019
real Myst
Masterpiece Edition
SwitchQ3 2019
No trailer 🙁
Mercenary Kings
Reloaded Edition
PS4June 28th, 2019
Shenmue III
Collector's Edition
PS4November 19th, 2019
Star Wars:
Bounty Hunter
PS4June 28th, 2019
No trailer 🙁