gamescom 2019 Day 2 Report

gamescom 2019 Day 2 prelude

I had worked on the Day 1 report till 2 am and had to get up 7:30 am to ensure I’d reach gamescom in time for a good parking spot… I wasn’t in the best mood when I reached gamescom 2019. However, that changed quickly when I entered the convention area. I mean, hey, it’s gamescom!
I had almost 1.5 hrs time to kill before my first appointment, so finally, I had a little time to walk around. The first thing I saw was an amazing display for Destroy all Humans, which is coming early 2020 from THQ Nordic. I’m looking forward to the return of the series on PlayStation 4.

Death Stranding booth

Next, I went to the booth with Sony games and walked past the Iron Man VR booth. I wanted to play but wanted to prioritize other things, like… Death Stranding. As the game is close to its release, I hoped there might be a playable demo. In hindsight, though I know that this was dumb. Anyways, the presentation started by showing the 3 videos which had already been shown during the Opening Night Live on Monday. Just when I was about to regret my decision to go into this booth, they showed a 4th video. To my knowledge, this isn’t available online anywhere yet. This video somewhat explained the main objective of the game and also gave more details about a group of enemies called Homo Demens. I’m intrigued and hyped.

Wrath – Aeon of Ruin booth

On my way to my first appointment, I passed by an advertisement for Wrath: Aeon of Ruin. It’s a Quake-inspired 3D FPS which looks awesome. Wish I would have had the time to check it out.

1st meeting – Marten from SOEDESCO

Marten from SOEDESCO

Marten is the Community Manager of SOEDESCO and if you follow the SOEDESCO YouTube channel, you already know that he is the face of the company. We have discussed their lineup in general and it seems that everybody is crazy for Truck Driver. To be honest, I’m waiting for it myself.

Marten let me know about “Monster Crown“, an upcoming game, which is a “dark monster-catching game with true crossbreeds”. Sounds interesting. Platforms or physical release have not yet been announced.

We also briefly discussed their collaboration with Limited Run Games and Marten said that working with them was very smooth and highly professional. Limited Run Games distributed the Teslagrad Value Pack for Vita, plus the Value Pack & standard release.
Marten also gave me an Early Access Steam key for Dog Duty, a pixel art-style action real-time tactics game – I might give it away on my Twitter profile soon.
He also gave me a copy of Owlboy for the Nintendo Switch! Thanks so much, Marten! 🙂

If you’re interested to find out more about SOEDESCO in general and the latest information regarding their latest games, check out the links below!

SOEDESCO’s Website:
Information about their releases:
SOEDESCO’s YouTube channel:
Monster Crown:
Dog Duty Early Access:

Truck Driver trailer

Return to DotEmu / Arcade Crew

Windjammers 2

I was blessed to play 2 more gamescom 2019 Demos at the DotEmu / Arcade Crew booth. It started with Windjammers 2, a game which had only been shown behind closed doors last year. This year it is already more complete with 8 playable characters (some fan favorites make a return, like Klaus Wessel) and a few arenas. Apart from new visuals, new gameplay elements have been added, like new moves and such.
It kind of plays like the original, but has enough new features to count as a true sequel to the classic. WJ1 veterans will feel right at home with a lot of new stuff to master.

Streets of Rage 4

The 2nd demo I played was Streets of Rage 4. This game kind of looks and plays like the original, but everything is revamped, enhanced and perfected. From stunning hand-drawn visuals to a pumping soundtrack to top-notch gameplay – SoR4 has it all. The demo was playable till the 1st boss, with 3 playable characters: Axel, Blaze, and the new-comer Cherry.

I’m looking forward to physical releases for both of these games. Nothing has been announced yet, but based on the prior collaboration between DotEmu/Arcade Crew and Limited Run Games, I’d be surprised if they wouldn’t do these together.

More info on SoR4 & WJ2:

East Asia Soft

Julian & Moritz from East Asia Soft

Since you’re reading this page, I assume you already follow me for a while and if you do, then there is no way you haven’t heard of EastAsiaSoft before.

EastAsiaSoft is an Asia-based company focused on publishing indie games in limited numbers. One of their most sought-after titles is Cursed Castilla for the PlayStation 4, which they had on display among many other games from their previous lineup. To my surprise, we had the meeting in German, as Julian & Moritz live in and operate from Germany.

Yes, this is Cursed Castilla for PlayStation 4 on the right!

They had 2 Nintendo Switch games available to play at their booth: Ghost Blade HD and Trigger Witch. Ghost Blade HD is a remake of a well-known SHMUP from the Dreamcast, while Trigger Witch is a twin-stick shooter. The latter is made by the creators of Reverie.
As far as I know, both of these games aren’t officially announced as physical releases yet, however, they had a flyer at their booth which is already advertizing a Limited Edition release of Ghost Blade HD (Switch).
No word on a physical release of Trigger Witch, but I hope so as it looked nice.

They had a lot of games from their previous lineup at their booth, but none of them were for sale.

EAS website:
Buy EAS games:

Red Art Games

Cécile from Red Art Games

Next, I met with Cécile from Red Art Games. We can expect a new video game announcement soon. Also, the release schedule for the next months is already finalized and packed!
It seems there are a few nice surprises coming our way.

Apart from bringing us more great games, Red Art Games is working on improvements in the background, mainly a new website with improved customer experience and finding a new logistics partner.
More news on this directly from Red Art Games soon.

Red Art Games website:

NintenMau5 from Switch Player Magazine

Richard (NintenMau5) from Switch Player Mag

So blessed to have met Richard (NintenMau5), Features Editor from Switch Player Magazine. The mag is a PRINT magazine which comes in a neat little format. They ship worldwide, I encourage you to check it out, no matter when in the world you are.

Richard gave me a copy of the latest edition to read (#31). Each issue features the famous “Collector’s Corner” by our friend JP from JP’s SwitchMania. In this edition, he wrote about the Fox n Forests Collector’s Edition from Strictly Limited Games.

Collector’s Corner feature from JP’s SwitchMania in Switch Player Mag #31

But there is so much more great content in this magazine like hardware reviews, game reviews, interviews and more. If you love the Nintendo Switch and print magazines, why not have a look?

NintenMau5 Twitter:
Switch Player Mag:
Switch Player Mag Twitter:
JP’s SwitchMania Twitter:

First Press Games

Lennard (middle) and Slawomir (right) from First Press Games. And me holding prototype packaging of “Tobu Tobu Girl” (Game Boy Color) and “A hole new World” (Switch)

Lennard (Executive Managing Director) and I had exchanged emails before gamescom 2019 to set up a meeting. I’m glad that it worked out. CEO Slawomir Mionskowski was also there to meet me.

We spoke about their coming lineup, but sorry, I can’t leak anything as no titles have been revealed. But I can let you know that the next 3 titles in their lineup with be available for Nintendo Switch AND PS4 as well.

We have also talked a lot about their different packaging types, like their regular edition slipcases, their limited-edition boxes and the cd cases & Game Boy game boxes. They showed me prototypes to get a feeling for the quality (most of them plain white). My impression was very positive, from box design to cardboard quality, everything seems to be of high quality. They also had prototype manuals (plain white pages), which seem to be of the same high quality.
It really shows that they have a lot of experience in designing packaging and extras (like manuals and CDs). Everything seems to be well thought through.
As soon as the “A hole new world” Collector’s Editions are ready, I’ll get one to make an unboxing video for my followers. I’ll show you everything in more detail then.

First Press Games website:

Devolver Digital / Carrion gamescom 2019 Demo

Carrion Demo start screen

The last thing I did on that day was visiting the Devolver Digital booth to play a Demo of their upcoming game Carrion. The premise is simple: You are a failed experiment, a monster, trying to leave the laboratory. And to cause havoc, cause that’s what monsters do.

The demo was played on a PC (laptop), but it will also come to console (which platforms yet to be announced).

The unique feature of the game is its “mass-based skill system”, which seems confusing for the first 5 minutes, but then just works. Throughout the game, you’ll encounter different checkpoints. By activating these checkpoints you gain mass. To lose mass you can deposit some of your mass in special containers throughout a level or you’ll lose mass when you are attacked by enemies.

Carrion Demo end screen

Certain skills can only be used if you have the correct mass level, meaning if you need to use lower skill, you might have to lose some mass first.
The gameplay is quite brutal, you can chew up your enemies, hit them against a wall multiple times, through metal doors at them or even drown them in water.

After about 15 minutes I completed the demo. I am looking forward to this game – and I want a physical release – of course. 🙂


The end of gamescom 2019 (for me)

This wraps up this year’s gamescom for me. Part of me is glad that it’s over (I can’t walk anymore), part of me wants life if nothing but gamescom every day.

The most important thing for me about gamescom is meeting “old” friends and cool new people to call friends after gamescom. In that sense, it was a success and I’m looking forward to next year, to meet all my friends (“old and new”) again.

Enjoy a few more random pics of gamescom 2019, I’m out!

Iron Man VR booth
Hall 10.1
Marty McFly
Another look at the East Asia Soft booth
Destroy All Humans booth
Hall 10.2
Meeting area between halls 2 and 3