FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions


Thanks for taking time to read our FAQs to learn more about us and our website.

Who are you?

We are gamers and first of all video game collectors. Also, we love physical game releases and have a special place in our hearts for those smaller indie titles.

What is the purpose of this website?

We would like to accompany you, other video game collectors, on your journey and inform you about any current or upcoming physical game releases of games that can be easily missed. Maybe they are released in limited quantities on a specific website only, maybe they are released in a specific region only.
However, even though Limited Game News starts with the word “Limited”, we are not limiting (8-)) ourselves to games that are limited to a known number of copies below a certain threshold. We will also post games from distributors like Soedesco, Rising Star, Badland Games, Sold Out Games, etc… because even those can be easily missed depending on where the game is released and where you are located. Our audience is VERY international, hence our motto is: Post rather too much than too little.
Sure enough we won’t post about Nintendo first party games, etc.


You have stated somewhere that a game is released physical only in <any western region> here, but it was also released in Asia (e.g. Japan)! I mean… Guys?! Really? Get your facts straight!

This can happen, because we consider Western territories only. However, we will inform you about special Asia releases (if playable without steep language barrier in English for example).

You have stated somewhere that a game is released physically only for <any console here>, but now there is also a physical release for <any other console here>.
What the heck, dudes?!

This can happen as well. Usually, when we first learn about a new physical release, we do some research and then post about the game. Sometimes physical releases of the same game for other consoles are announced at a later date.
We may choose to update the old post or make a new post depending on the situation.

Will this be a comprehensive library of all physical/interesting video game releases?

No… for 2 main reasons.
a) We simply don’t have the time to be on the lookout 24/7 and post everything.
Still, we hope that the info we provide will help you find some gems that you may otherwise have missed.
b) It is not easy to establish a common understanding of what is interesting. Meaning we will maybe miss to inform you about something that YOU think is interesting, but we personally think it’s not.
e.g. for Nintendo Switch we for the most part think that only pure console/physical exclusives are interesting. Meaning: If a game gets a physical release on the PS4 for example and then months later it will get a Switch physical release, then we may or may not post separately about this.
This rule can change however if the Switch version has some interesting special content which the other version(s) didn’t have.

So, do you hate AAA releases then?

Absolutely… NOT! It is just that we will not post them on this website (for the most part), as everyone will know about these games anyhow.

You have totally missed to inform us about <random game here>. Please make a post about it!

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My question was not answered while reading your FAQs, but I need answers!

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