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Mooseman for PlayStation Vita

mooseman physical retail release limited edition asia multi-language eastasiasoft playstation vita cover www.limitedgamenews.comMooseman – Embark on a journey through the worlds of ancient myth.

Discover a mysterious world of ancient myth based on finno-ugric culture of bygone pagan times.
Long ago, the world was created out of an eggshell by a god named Yen, and in the murky depths of the endless ocean, the Lower World was born.
The Middle World was made for men to dwell, while the Upper World was where the gods would reside.

Multitudes of spirits dwell among the layers of creation, guarding their secrets in the dark.
Embark on a journey through all the worlds of ancient myth, find artifacts of Chud’ tribes, and solve all the mysteries told in these finno-ugric tales.

This Limited Edition comes with:

  • collector’s box
  • region free game
  • game manual
  • soundtrack
  • numbered certificate

Availability / Price
1.200 / $34.99

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Opens: December 16th, 2021 11pm HK / 10am Eastern / 7am Pacific / 16:00 CET

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