Bard’s Gold Complete Edition | PlayStation Vita

Bard’s Gold Complete Edition for PlayStation Vita

bards gold complete edition physical retail release asia English playstation vita cover www.limitedgamenews.comBard’s Gold Complete Edition contains all the hidden Halloween levels in one physical exclusive PS Vita Edition.

Bard’s Gold is a challenging platformer that lets you explore strange worlds in a quest for a Goblin that stole your gold. Help Bard to overcome the dungeon’s many dangerous perils and use your newfound treasures to improve your character and to buy new weapons and gear!

This Limited Edition comes with:

  • collector’s box
  • region free game
  • game manual
  • soundtrack
  • numbered certificate

By the time of posting, this game is already sold out.
Real life came in the way and we couldn’t post it before the sale.
We are posting it on the blog solely for archiving purposes.

Availability / Price
1.000 / $34.99

Pre-order window (already sold out)
Opens: October 28th, 2021 11pm HK / 11am Eastern / 8am Pacific / 17:00 CEST

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