Dead Cells (Prisoner’s Edition) | Nintendo Switch & PS4 [Signature Edition]

Dead Cells (Prisoner’s Edition) [Signature Edition]
Nintendo Switch & PlayStation 4

Full to bursting with exclusive content, Dead Cells (Prisoner’s Edition) is the ultimate physical version of the game for fans and collectors alike. Presented in an embossed tin, emblazoned with the Dead Cells iconic flame logo, the centrepiece of Dead Cells – Prisoner’s Edition is a detailed, 22cm-tall figurine of the Prisoner brandishing one of the game’s stranger weapons, the Vorpan!

These Signature Editions come with:

  • region free copy the game (Action Game of the Year Edition)
  • Bad Seed DLC [code]
  • 22cm-tall figurine of the Prisoner
  • collector’s metal tin
  • orange vinyl single
  • three new pins
  • four awesome metallic finish stickers
  • super-cool pocket-size artbook
  • PVC keyring of the Prisoner sat clutching a cell
  • exclusive print art card

Pre-order date
February 11th, 2020
scheduled to ship June 30th, 2020

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Switch – 109.99 €
PS4 – 109.99 €