Jumanji: The Video Game Collector’s Edition | Xbox One, PS4, Switch

Jumanji: The Video Game Collector’s Edition for
PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

jumanji the video game collectors edition physical release limited run games outright games xbox one ps4 nintendo switch cover limitedgamenews.comUnite in adventure and laughter in the action-packed game of Jumanji, the ultimate challenge for those who seek to leave their world behind. Play online, split-screen or with AI teammates, and combine the unique abilities of Dr. Bravestone, Ruby, Mouse and Prof. Oberon to defeat your foes and save the day!

This Collector’s Edition comes with:

  • game (region free)
  • board game style gatefold box
  • original soundtrack
  • 18″ x 24″ poster
  • board game figures

Availability / Price
Nintendo Switch: 2.000 / $59.99
PS4: 1.000 / $59.99
Xbox One: 500 / $59.99

Pre-order date
October 29th, 2019 12pm US Eastern // 17:00 CEST

Want the game? (see pre-order date)
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