Dragons Crown Pro for PlayStation 4

Dragons Crown Pro for PlayStation 4

dragons crown pro atlus ps4 coverDragons Crown Pro, the remaster of 2013’s acclaimed 2D hack and slash game from Vanillaware and ATLUS is returning to the PS4 and PS4 Pro! With updated visuals and presentation for the current-gen, hunting for treasure in the Kingdom of Hydeland has never been more rewarding.

The original Dragon’s Crown features groups of heroes that face dreadful challenges in the labyrinthine dungeons surrounding the medieval fantasy kingdom of Hydeland. As they explore deeper into the dungeons, non-player characters come in to play with quests and tasks to complete. So, use six adventurers (Fighter, Dwarf, Amazon, Wizard, Elf, and Sorceress) and their unique abilities to unravel the story behind the ultimate treasure, the Dragon’s Crown.
Dragon’s Crown Pro retains all the gameplay elements of the original game, including Vanillaware’s gorgeous 2D visual flair and character design, but adds current-gen upgrades.

Release date
May 15th, 2018

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Play-Asia (EU Standard Edition) $49.99 + shipping
Play-Asia (US Standard Edition) $49.99 + shipping
Play-Asia (EU Battle-Hardened Edition) pre-order not yet available
Play-Asia (US Battle-Hardened Edition) $54.99 + shipping


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