Battle Garegga Rev 2016 for PS4

Battle Garegga Rev 2016 for PlayStation 4

Enter Battle Garegga Rev 2016, a SHMUP that changes things entirely. Considered to be one of the best of it’s kind, the main draw of this game is a simple mechanic. The better you are at the game, the more difficult it becomes. Simply put, it’s a masocore gamer’s dream. The game features a “Rank System,” which tallies up player actions in real time, combining factors like score, how long a life has lasted, amount of shots fired, and enemies destroyed to adjust the difficulty accordingly. While this was an invisible mechanic during the original arcade release 20 years ago, this re-release incorporates useful windows depicting rank, displaying all the data accrued. What makes this interesting is the combination of a risk-reward system in a fast paced style of gaming, and to this day, there hasn’t been anything like that at all.

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