Demon Pit | PlayStation 4

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Demon Pit for PlayStation 4

demon pit physical retail release limited rare games playstation 4 cover www.limitedgamenews.comDemon Pit – Do you like surprises? Do you want to be part of video game history? THEN BUY GAME.
iNtEnSe aRcAdE-StYlE ArEnA ShOoTeR. aRmEd wItH A SeRiEs oF RaNgEd wEaPoNs aNd a sOuL GrApPlE, yOu mUsT FiGhT AnD OuT MaNeUvEr eNdLeSs wAvEs oF DeMoNs iN A CoNsTaNtLy cHaNgInG EnViRoNmEnT. hOw lOnG CaN YoU SuRvIvE BeFoRe tHeY RiP YoUr fLeSh aNd cLaIm yOuR SoUl??
This game has bright lights and can potentially cause seizures for people with sensitive epilepsy!!!

Gamer’s/Collector’s info
The purpose of this blog post is to document the allegedly now sold out physical release by Limited Rare Games.

This game was made available to pre-order by Limited Rare Games via their website on August 19th 2021 as a shadow drop.demon pit limited rare games shadow drop physical retail release limited rare games playstation 4

As usually, the pre-orders opened unexpected, they were shrouded in mystery, funny memes were made all over social media and people complained about the website not working as expected.

And as always no word on how many units of the game will be produced or were sold. And whether or not you “will get game” is uncertain till the day it shows up at peoples’ doorsteps.

$29.99 + shipping [sold out already…]

Pre-order date
It was available to pre-order August 19th/August 20th 2021

Want the game?
NOTE: Allegedly it sold out!
It was available here:
Limited Rare Games