Rolling Gunner + Over Power | PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch

Rolling Gunner + Over Power for PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch

rolling gunner + over power standard edition physical retail release strictly limited games playstation 4 nintendo switch cover www.limitedgamenews.comIn Rolling Gunner + Over Power, you are humanity’s last hope in the defence against the now-sentient computer system BAC that is powering and controlling nearly all of the world’s engines and the planet’s population has been reduced by half.

Take flight in the space craft RF-42R STORK which carries the Rolling Gun, a special weapon that was built in secret to fight against BAC in the event of a crisis.

Apart from the Standard Edition of the games, there are also a Special Limited Edition for each of the systems which includes:

  • the game (region free)
  • collector’s edition box
  • reversible large poster
  • snow globe
  • keychain
  • OST
  • patch
  • artbook
  • instruction card

PS4 Standard: 1.700 / 34.99 €
Switch Standard: 3.000 / 34.99 €
PS4 Collector’s: 1.300 / 69.99 €
Switch Collector’s: 2.000 / 69.99 €

Pre-order date
Batch 1:
Sunday, July 18th 2021 at 12 AM (midnight) CEST
Batch 2:
Sunday, July 18th 2021 at 6 PM CEST
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