Manifold Garden | PlayStation 5 & Nintendo Switch

Manifold Garden for PlayStation 5 & Nintendo Switch

manifold garden physical retail release iam8bit playstation 4 nintendo switch cover www.limitedgamenews.comThe conundrum of video games is that there is always a limitation — whether budget, memory and/or time. There’s no escaping this practicality… or is there?

Case study anomaly: the technological and artistic achievement that is Manifold Garden, created by the genius William Chyr over the course of 8½ painstaking years. At first blush, it’s a psychics-dripping puzzle game, but examine further and you’ll realize that it has actually cracked the conundrum. It is “infinity incarnate” — an endless masterwork that tells a finite story but does so with the beautiful illusion of absolutely limitless scope.

Environments stretch of forever and ever, but yet, despite its impossible architectural trappings, there is natural beauty at play. You, the player, are meant to cultivate a garden, and by encouraging the prosperity of plant life and waterways, you continue to unlock the many secrets of this abstract and amazing world.

Both releases feature:

  • iam8bit Exclusive Edition
  • intricately detailed pop-up display art
  • reversible cover art by Sasha E Head
  • region free – worldwide compatibility

It’s also available from!

Availability / Price
Switch: open pre-order (?) / $34.99 / 42 €
PS5: open pre-order (?) / $29.99 / 39 €

Pre-order phase
opened: May 12th, 2021 9 AM PST / 18:00 CEST
closes: ???

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