Pawarumi Definitive Edition | Nintendo Switch

Pawarumi Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch

pawarumi definitive edition retail release eastasiasoft limited edition standard edition nintendo switch cover www.limitedgamenews.comPawarumi Definitive Edition is a modern shoot’em up set in a retro-futuristic sci-fi pre-Columbian universe. You’ll take control of the almighty ship Chukaru and its three unique weapons! Shoot wisely to either do double damage, heal yourself, or charge your Super Attack!

The Limited Edition comes with:

  • collector’s box
  • region free game
  • game manual
  • original soundtrack
  • numbered certificate

Availability / Price
Limited Edition: 2.000 / $34.99
Standard Edition: open pre-order / $29.99

Pre-order window
Opens: August 20th, 2020 11am Eastern / 8am Pacific / 17:00 CEST

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