Frostpunk Signature Edition | PS4, Xbox One

Frostpunk Signature Edition | PlayStation 4, Xbox One

frostpunk signature edition games xbox one ps4 cover limitedgamenews.comFrostpunk is a society survival game where heat means life, and every decision comes at a price. Presenting complex strategic gameplay, demanding challenges and a rich story, It’s extending its unmatched survival experience to consoles. Adapted for consoles with revised controls and adjusted mechanics, the console edition enables you to fully test your tactical prowess on the frozen wastelands.

 These Signature Editions come with:

  • region free copy of the game
  • hardcover art book
  • CD soundtrack
  • ‘Order’ enamel pin
  • ‘Faith’ enamel pin
  • signed artwork

£39.99 / $44.99 / €44.99

Release date
Pre-order: September 13th, 2019
Expected to ship: end of October 2019

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