Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo for PS4 & PS Vita

Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo for PlayStation 4 & PlayStation Vita

damascus gear operation tokyo physical release limited run games ps4 ps vita cover limitedgamenews.comMecha Hack’n’Slash Damascus Gear: Operation Tokyo, now appearing in full HD graphics on PlayStation 4!
Ride in the Anti-RAGE Weapon System ‘Gears’, destroy enemies, salvage for parts and upgrade your Gears, and reclaim the world!

Availability / Price
PS4: 3.000 / $29.99
Vita: 2.000 / $29.99

Pre-order date
Batch 1: September 6th, 2019 10AM US Eastern // 16:00 CEST
Batch 2: September 6th, 2019 6PM US Eastern // 24:00 CEST

Want the game? (see pre-order date)
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