Damascus Gear: Operation Osaka for PS4 & PS Vita

Damascus Gear: Operation Osaka for PlayStation 4 & PlayStation Vita

damascus gear operation osaka physical release limited run games ps4 ps vita cover limitedgamenews.comThe goal of Damascus Gear Operation Osaka is to repay the hero’s inherited debt before the due date. The hero together with his Operator will participate in the Arena as a Ranker, aiming for the prize money to repay his debt. It will not be a story for the history books, but a battle for freedom…

Availability / Price
PS4: 3.000 / $29.99
Vita: 2.000 / $29.99

Pre-order date
Batch 1: September 6th, 2019 10AM US Eastern // 16:00 CEST
Batch 2: September 6th, 2019 6PM US Eastern // 24:00 CEST

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