Log Jammers for Nintendo NES (Switch, PS4, Xbox One)

Log Jammers for Nintendo Entertainment System (Nintendo Switch, PS4 & Xbox One)

log jammers nintendo nes physical release limitedgamenews.com box art manual labelLog Jammers is a competitive, arcade sports game featuring ax-throwing, blade-catching action with a retro vibe in the vein of Windjammers. Unique character abilities, funky arenas, and trash-talking timber beasts will keep you chopping!
NES & PC (Beta version) are ready for play today!
Ports for PS4 and Xbox One are planned and we are REALLY hoping for physical releases on current-gen platforms later.

log jammers nintendo nes physical release limitedgamenews.com wooden cartLog Jammers has two totally separate versions, NES & PC/Switch (PS4/Xbox One).
Same rules, same speed, same characters, but built to show the evolution of gaming and leveraging the strengths of each with a timeless recipe for an arcade experience.

Currently, Log Jammers has an active Kickstarter campaign.
There are a lot of different tiers, but we want to highlight the following 3:

  • Retro jammin’ – $60 physical NES version (cart only), digital PC version and more
  • Keep it complete – $70 physical NES version (boxed with manual), digital PC version and more
  • Wood hard for collectors – $150 physical NES version with a unique, hand-carved wooden cartridge (boxed with manual). WE LOVE THIS!!!

Some of the physical tiers are VERY limited, so if you want to go physical – be quick!!!
Especially if you’re looking for the hand-carved wooden Log Jammers cart! Did we mention before that – OMG – we love wooden cart?!

Estimated delivery
November 2018

Kickstarter URL – back it now!!!
Log Jammers@Kickstarter

Includes footage of the NES version

YouTube player

Current version gen trailer

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