RXN Raijin for Nintendo Switch

RXN Raijin for Nintendo Switch

rxn raijin eastasiasoft play-exclusive nintendo switch coverIndie developer and publisher Eastasiasoft Limited, alongside Japanese publisher Kayac and Japanese developer Gulti, announced the arcade-style shooter RXN Raijin today. It will be the 2nd official limited physical print in eastasiasoft’s Nintendo Switch collection. The game will be available as Limited Edition and Standard Edition.
RXN Raijin is a vertically scrolling SHMUP, inspired by arcade shooters, designed for the Nintendo Switch, making excellent use of the 16:9 screen when it comes to the beautiful arrays of projectiles & enemies found in the game.

RXN Raijin will be playable in English (alongside other Asian languages). The physical release will contain all the latest updates and content found on the digital version.
RXN Raijin Limited physical release for Nintendo Switch will launch in Asia in September 2018 and will be available at online retailer Play-Asia.com.


  • Classic Japanese arcade-style bullet hell shooter!
  • Designed for the full 16:9 Nintendo Switch screen!
  • Developed by veteran bullet hell team!
  • Musical composition by Yuzo Koshiro!

The Limited Edition of RXN Raijin comes with

    • physical game cart (region free)
    • collector’s box
    • printed game manual
    • 48-page-full-colour artbook
    • official steelbook with alternative art
    • numbered certificate

Availability of the Limited Edition
3.000 copies worldwide

Pre-order date
August 30th, 2018

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Limited Edition – $49.99 incl. worldwide shipping
Standard Edition – $39.99 + shipping
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