Twin Dragons for NES

Twin Dragons for Nintendo Entertainment System

twin dragons broke studio nes cartridge labelOn a faraway island, Dinky and Minky, the Twin Dragons, live on top of a mountain with their parents, waiting for their new sibling to hatch out. One day, while their parents went hunting, the sorcerer of the neighboring remote tribe’s village decided to steal the egg in order to increase his power.
Help Dinky and Minky on their fantastic journey to rescue the Precious!

Usually we only blog about current gen games.
However, Twin Dragons is a worthy exception to this rule. We have been able to play it at gamescom in Germany last year and it rocks!

Cart only: 40 € + shipping
Complete in box: 50 € + shipping

Release date
February 2018 (should ship soon)

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Broke Studio Shop

We were unable to find a trailer on YouTube. However, we have some gameplay from last year’s gamescom in Germany from our friends at NESCommando:

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