Windjammers for PS4 and PS Vita

Windjammers for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita

windjammers for ps4 coverA few months only after the digital release, we are finally getting a physical release of this Neo Geo arcade classic: Windjammers! Released by publisher Limited Run Games, we can’t wait to add this one to our collection.

We hear that there will also be a Limited Edition available, but at time of writing the price tag and more details are unclear, be sure to watch the Limited Run Games website for more details as we come closer to the release date.

Only 3800 of the PS4 standard edition and only 3000 of the PS Vita standard edition will be available.

$29.99 each plus shipping

Release date
Dec. 1st 2017

Shopping URLs
PS4 Standard Edition
PSVita Standard Edition


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