Blade Strangers for Nintendo Switch & PS4


Blade Strangers for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4

blade strangers for nintendo switch coverAnd now to the third and last promising game for today by publisher Nicalis: Blade Strangers for Nintendo Switch, which at least by the time of writing seems to be another USA only physical release.

At $39.99 + shipping this game is $10 more expensive than the other two games by Nicalis we have presented you today. Why the price is higher we don’t know, but we think that this price is still OK and are looking forward to this awesome looking 2D Fighter.

PS4 fans please note
By the time of this update (Jan 2nd, 2018) it is unknown whether the PS4 will get a physical release. Pre-orders for a physical version up to this point are exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

Release date
March 21st, 2018

Shopping URL
Amazon USA


(not a real trailer…)

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