IGS Classic Arcade Collection | Nintendo Switch

IGS Classic Arcade Collection for Nintendo Switch


IGS classic arcade game is transplanted for the first time! Integrate 8 IGS popular arcade games into one piece.
Support up to 4 people online combat!

A collection of 8 IGS classic popular arcade games has made its debut, allowing players to recall their childhood memories!

IGS Classic Arcade Collection includes multiple series of “Knights of Valour” games, and all support online multiplayer warfare.
It also includes popular arcade games such as “Oriental Legend” and “Martial Masters”.

Titles included in the collection:

  • Knights of Valour: Superheroes
  • Knights of Valour Plus
  • Knights of Valour 2 – Nine Dragons
  • Oriental Legend
  • Oriental Legend: Spooky
  • Martial Masters
  • Demon Front
  • The Gladiator

Playasia exclusive first print edition!
Includes an alternative art slip cover, 3 arts cards, 2 joycon stickers and addition stickers inside the game box.


August 8th, 2024

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