Rogue Legacy 2 | PlayStation 5 & Nintendo Switch

Rogue Legacy 2 for PlayStation 5 for & Nintendo Switch

Rogue Legacy 2 is a genealogical rogue-LITE.
That means it has all the trappings of a typical rogue-like, but with persistent upgrades, and persistent heirs.

In this game, your legacy defines you. Spend your inheritance, grow the family manor, and give your children a better fighting chance.

Each child is unique, with their own traits and abilities.
One daughter could be vampiric Ranger, while another could be a vegan Chef.
It’s a new experience every time.
RL2 also lets you play how you want to.
Go hard and fast, and dive deeper into the depths of a randomly-generated world.
Or take it slow and steady and build your character up until you’re ready for greater challenges.

rogue-legacy-2-deluxe-edition-physical-retail-release-limited-esrb-us-run-games-playstation-5-nintendo-switch-cover-www.limitedgamenews.comThere are Standard Editions and Deluxe Editions.
The latter come with:

  • physical copy of the game
  • deluxe edition box
  • original soundtrack
  • enamel pins
  • 9 art cards
  • sticker sheet

Availability / Price
Standard: open pre-order / $39.99
Deluxe Edition: open pre-order / $74.99

Pre-order window
opens: May 3rd, 2024
closes: June 2nd, 2024

Want the game? (see pre-order date)
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