LUNARiA: Virtualized Moonchild | Nintendo Switch

LUNARiA: Virtualized Moonchild for Nintendo Switch

About LUNARiA: Virtualized Moonchild – Skyout is a cutting-edge VR action battle race.
T-bit is not your ordinary high school student. He’s also an undefeated genius gamer.
Day in and day out, he logs into Skyout, winning lots of prize money.

But one day he ends up wandering into a mysterious area.
Lunar World, a Moon server whose existence no one knows about.
There T-bit meets an AI avatar who introduces herself as LUNAR-Q.

It turns out that she’s a rejected mascot character for the Lunar Surface Development Project, and she dreams of seeing the Earth someday…

There’s a Standard Edition and a Limited Edition.
The latter comes with:

  • the game (region-free)
  • B2 tapestry
  • acrylic panel
  • artbook

Standard: $21.99
Special Edition: $74.99

February 22nd, 2024

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