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Overrogue for PlayStation 4PlayStation 5

overrouge-physical-retail-release-esrb-us-limited-run-games-playstation-4-playstation-5-cover-www.limitedgamenews.comAbout Overrogue – In the underworld, where creatures of all shapes and sizes live, a Selection Battle is announced to decide the next Overlord.
Complete labyrinths and collect crystals to achieve the title of Overlord!

Proceed through dungeon-like labyrinths building up your card deck in a roguelite style!
There are up to 5 different labyrinth themes based on card genres like poison or graveyards.
Enjoy a different deck experience each time you visit the labyrinth as the number of cards increases.
Over 300 types of cards and 150 types of treasure await you, so combos and combinations are up to you.

Let’s conquer the labyrinths and become the next Overlord!

Availability / Price
open pre-order / $34.99

Pre-order window
opens: November 17th, 2023 10AM US Eastern // 16:00 CET
closes: December 17th, 2023

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