Tiny Thor [Mjölnir Edition] | Nintendo Switch

Tiny Thor [Mjölnir Edition] for Nintendo Switch


Tiny Thor is a love letter to the challenging action platformers of the 16-bit console era, with contributions by two legends of their respective fields.
Sporting magnificent pixel art by artist Henk Nieborg to feast your eyes upon and a soundtrack by Chris Hülsbeck, together they help bring home the feeling of playing a classic game with today’s conveniences.

One area where Tiny Thor doesn’t stray too much from its inspirations is the challenge it provides.
The refined gameplay with its focus on using Mjölnir for attack as well as traversal helps to tackle the obstacles head on and rewards you with the ultimate satisfaction when succeeding.

The version included here features additional gameplay refinements and fixes to make a great game even better.
And as a special treat, the wonderful soundtrack by Chris Hülsbeck can be downloaded via Bandcamp to save as you see fit!

Included in this release is also the quasi predecessor of Tiny Thor, Hammer Kid, which goes in a similar direction style wise, also featuring beautiful pixel graphics, but being overall simpler in the gameplay department.
Of course, it’s still fun to play through!

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