Redemption Reapers | PlayStation 4/5 & Nintendo Switch

Redemption Reapers for PlayStation 4/5 & Nintendo Switch

A story of redemption sought by ordinary people once feared as Reapers.

The Story
Descending suddenly on the world, the macabre Mort armies destroy nation after nation, leaving humanity decimated in the wake of their overwhelming terror and might.
Amid the despair, a small, localized contingent crosses swords with the Mort—the Ashen Hawk Brigade.
A cunning band that specializes in surprise attacks, they were once known as the Faithless Reapers and despised by the masses.
Little did the public know that this very unit was about to become the only hope in resisting the Mort.

Redemption Reapers is a dark fantasy simulation game set in a medieval world.
Be immersed in the tale of the desperate struggle between the Ashen Hawk Brigade and the terrifying Mort legions.
With despair looming as the menacing Mort horde marches ever closer, help your small resistance defeat the enemy masses by bringing together a rich variety of character builds and a meticulous strategy.
Experience the exhilaration as you rise up to overcome the odds and achieve victory!

There’s a Standard Edition and a Collector’s Edition. The latter comes with:

  • the game (region free)
  • collector’s edition box
  • artbook
  • soundtrack CD

Standard: $46.99
Limited: $81.99

July 13th, 2023

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