Bud Spencer & Terence Hills: Slaps and Beans 2 | PlayStation 4/5 & Nintendo Switch

Bud Spencer & Terence Hills: Slaps and Beans 2
PlayStation 4/5Nintendo Switch

bud-spencer-and-terence-hill-slaps-and-beans-2-collectors-edition-physical-retail-release-inin-games-playstation-4-playstation-5-nintendo-switch-cover-www.limitedgamenews.comAbout Bud Spencer & Terence Hills: Slaps and Beans 2 – Shipwrecked in Africa, Bud and Terence rescue a village from thugs and try using a local banana barge to find their way back home.
But of course, it wouldn’t be a Bud and Terence adventure if everything went according to plan.
You will find yourself on a trip around the globe, playing as an undercover cop in Miami, diving into an underground betting ring disguised as a gambler and fighting gangsters, ninjas, soldiers and more along the way.
And somehow everything seems to be connected to bananas!

Collector’s/Gamer’s Note
The game included in these Collector’s Editions is the same as the retail release..

These Collector’s Editions come with:

  • the game (region free with reversible cover art)
  • collector’s edition box (design by legendary Renato Casaro, creator of Bud Spencer movie posters)
  • manual
  • punching bag (incl. bracket and air pump)
  • reversible poster DIN A2
  • art book
  • post card set
  • sticker sheet

PS4 Collector’s Edition: 79.99 €
PS5 Collector’s Edition: 79.99 €
Switch Collector’s Edition: 79.99 €

Pre-orders opened
Thursday, April 20th 2023 / 8 AM PT / 11 AM EST / 5 PM CEST

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