Mail Mole | Nintendo Switch

Mail Mole for Nintendo Switch

We are presenting our new hero, Molty, the Mail Mole! Moving underground, climbing massive walls and soaring through the skies, there’s no place our hero can’t reach!

Traveling with Cannon Lines, Molty must overcome the most complicated challenges to reach Carrotland‘s furthest mailboxes: bottomless pits, quicksands, avalanches, floating platforms, sharp spikes… a tough road.
But when the power is out, you can’t send an email!
Embark on an adventure that will force you to make the most important delivery of your life.

And exclusive to this edition – Mail Mole: Virtual Missions.
Package delivery to Innovation Valley takes an unexpected turn when the famous inventor Sophie asks Molty to test the Virtual Reality game she’s developing.
Trapped in a prototype full of challenges, traps, and dangerous bugs, our favorite Mail Mole will have to work really hard to overcome the missions Sophie has designed and return to the real world


June 9th, 2023

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