Cozy Grove | PlayStation 5 & Nintendo Switch

Cozy Grove for PlayStation 5 & Nintendo Switch

Cozy Grove isn’t just a peaceful game. It’s a game about building peace.

Each day, you wander the haunted forest, uncovering secrets and doing favors for your spectral neighbors to help soothe them and bring color back to the island’s gorgeous, hand-drawn locales.
It’s a different take on the popular life-sim genre; one that asks not only for endless engagement, but also for quick and tidy half-hour play sessions that leave you feeling refreshed and accomplished.

The iam8bit Exclusive Edition comes with:

  • the game (region free)
  • includes a ‘blind bag’ containing a collectible, enamel pin inspired by Cozy Grove’s ghostly denizens
    • leave it to chance… or collect all 28 adorable bears!
  • exclusive cover sheet by Noemí Gómez

$34.99 / 42 €

Q2 2023

Want the game? (mind the pre-order date)
 (recommended for US customers, directly from iam8bit)
Black Screen Records (recommended for customers outside the US, especially Germany) (ref-link)


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