They Bleed Pixels | Nintendo Switch

They Bleed Pixels for Nintendo Switch

They Bleed Pixels uses a simple one-button combat scheme with surprising depth at its core.
Button mashing is discouraged while kicking shadowy monsters into saws, pits and spikes is rewarded thanks to a unique checkpoint earning system. Instead of being evenly distributed at set locations, players must earn and place checkpoints through stylish kills.
The more stylishly you kill, the faster you fill your checkpoint meter.
Avoid combat or button mash mindlessly and you’ll find checkpoints uncomfortably far apart.

The Standard Edition will come with:

  • Nintendo Switch Physical Case and Game
  • Double-sided Insert
  • Full Color Manual
  • Numbered Challenge Card where you can earn a limited Challenge Patch!
  • Full Color Glossy Slipcase and Sleeve that is super high quality!
  • and a Bonus Preorder Item!

they-bleed-pixels-retro-edition-physical-retail-release-esrb-us-premium-edition-games-nintendo-switch-cover-www.limitedgamenews.comThere is also a Retro Edition which will come with everything from the Standard Edition, plus:

  • NES-Style Retro Box with amazing custom artwork
  • Jewel Case CD Official Soundtrack
  • Premium Quality Book of Claws Mini-Guide

Availability / Price
Premium Edition: open pre-order / $39.95
Retro Edition: open pre-order / $59.95

Pre-order window
opened: November 16th, 2022
closes: mid December, 2022

Want the game? (see pre-order date)
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