Cathedral | PlayStation 4

Cathedral for PlayStation 4

cathedral physical retail release pegi eu red art games playstation 4 cover www.limitedgamenews.comWake up in a world with no recollection of how you got there. A world full of secrets, hidden rooms, dungeons and towns; Cathedral features a vast world, meant for exploring!
You control a nameless protagonist, a knight from a different world, who teams up with a spirit known as Soul.
Figure out what makes this world tick, and how to get back home.

Unravel the secrets of your past by finding the five elemental orbs.
The orbs, placed in ancient times by the demi-god known only as Ardur, are protected by five fearsome guardians.
Make your way through their dungeons, meet them head-on in combat, and see if you can best them!

Availability / Price
1.500 / TBA

Pre-order date
April 7th, 2022 5 pm CET

Want the game?(mind the pre-order date)
Buy it from Red Art Games [suggested for EU orders]
Probably also available from Video Games Plus [yet to be confirmed – suggested for NA orders]