Relayer | PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5

Relayer for PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5

relayer physical retail release limited run games playstation 4 playstation 5 cover www.limitedgamenews.comThe story takes place on Earth in the year 2051, in a future where humanity’s expansion into outer space is in full swing.

Earth is in the midst of an invasion by mysterious extraterrestrial beings called Relayers.

Humans with special abilities, called Starchildren, have also appeared, along with the legacy of an ancient alien civilization that is said to have died out centuries ago.

Players command a squadron of Stellar Gear, humanoid weapons developed from the technology of that extinct alien civilization, and the Asterism, a ship capable of interstellar travel, to defend Earth from the invading Relayer aliens.

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open pre-order / 59.99 €

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Opened March 17th, 2022

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